Choose Your Language - Cause and Effect

Choose Your Language - Cause and Effect
The principle of causality, or cause and effect, is a foundational concept in understanding the world around us, suggesting that every event or phenomenon arises from a cause which leads to an effect. This principle is essential in scientific research, aiding scientists in the formulation of hypotheses, conducting experiments, and understanding the natural world by identifying causal relationships. Additionally, it helps us navigate our everyday lives, guiding our actions and decisions based on the understanding of the consequences they may yield.

The relationship between language, consciousness, and reality highlights the profound impact that the words we use have on our lives and the world around us. Inspired by philosophical traditions and religious texts, the concept that the universe emerged from a primordial sound or vibration underscores the creative power of words. By recognizing the importance of language in shaping our thoughts, emotions, and actions, we unlock the potential to transform our lives through the conscious use of words.

Harvesting Results introduces the Complete Internal Expert Model (CIEM™), a transformative approach that emphasizes the role of language in shaping our reality. By examining our thought patterns and emotional states, CIEM™ teaches individuals how to use transformational language effectively, starting from within. This model offers a profound method for individuals to transform their lives, demonstrating the intricate connection between the internal language we adopt and the external reality we experience.

A Winning Approach to Change

In a powerful blog post, the author discusses the concept of change and how it is possible to transform negative situations into positive outcomes. Drawing inspiration from James Allen and Dr. Victor Frankl, the author emphasizes the importance of having a winning attitude and a desire for change. They argue that desire is the key motivator for change and that it trumps fear. The author also highlights the law of opposites and how redirecting challenges in the opposite direction can lead to apparent victory. They encourage readers to create a new exciting reality by visualizing positive outcomes and focusing on what they want to change in their lives. Lastly, they offer a free strategy call and a workbook to support individuals on their journey of change.

Business Competencies: A Coach's Approach to Business Excellence

Business Competencies: A Coach's Approach to Business Excellence
When I coached soccer as part of the warm up exercises, we always reviewed the basic elements of the game. We reviewed and discussed our game plan, reviewed how to position ourselves as a team, understand the strengths of our opponent and look at how we can masterfully meet our objectives and win the match. 

Whether you are just starting a business, a budding entrepreneur or have a (well) established business or practice, reviewing the basic business domains and competencies are always beneficial. 

In the context of business planning or game plan, there are several competency domains that are crucial for success. While the specific competencies can vary depending on the industry and business type, the following five are generally considered important:

  1. Strategic Thinking: The ability to develop a (long-term) vision for the business, set clear objectives, and formulate strategies to achieve them. This includes analyzing market trends, assessing competitors, and identifying opportunities and threats.

  2. Financial Management: Proficiency in managing the financial aspects of a business, including budgeting, financial forecasting, cash flow management, and financial risk assessment. This competency also involves understanding financial statements and ratios to make informed decisions.

  3. Market Analysis and Customer Understanding: The skill to conduct market research, analyzes customer needs, and identifies target markets. Understanding customer behaviors, preferences, and trends is crucial for developing products or services that meet market demands.

  4. Operational Excellence: Competency in optimizing and managing the day-to-day operations of the business. This includes process improvement, supply chain management, quality control, and efficiency enhancement to ensure smooth and cost-effective operations.

  5. Communication and Presentation: Effective communication is essential for conveying business plans and strategies to stakeholders, team members, and investors. This competency includes the ability to create compelling business plans, deliver persuasive presentations, and negotiate effectively.
These five competency domains provide a well-rounded foundation for successful business planning. However, it's important to note that other competencies, such as leadership, marketing, and innovation, may also be critical depending on the specific nature of the business and its industry.

The game of soccer or any sport is not just passing a ball or puck from one person to the next and hoping you score a goal. There is a deliberate approach and philosophy which is based on planning versus execution and adapting to what is happening on the pitch.  

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Overcoming Circumstances: A Spiritual Guide to Transforming Life's Trials

Life can be complex with its ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and numerous challenges that stretch us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The circumstance we encounter can impact our relationships, environments, finances and above all our perception and behaviours.

However, change and our circumstances do NOT have to be negative. 
It took me a long time to see my challenges, problems and circumstances as necessary lessons to shape me for the person that I am today. Don’t get me wrong I am still not excited to endure the pain and frustration that negative circumstances can bring. Some days, I feel throwing my arms up, taking the day off, and hiding to avoid the lesson. Trust me I have done that many times and realized it will always come back to hound me. 
Wayne Dyer in his book “You’ll See It When You Believe It”, says, “I no longer view the world in terms of unfortunate accidents or misfortunes. I know in my being that I influence it all, and now find myself considering why I created that situation, rather than saying, “why me?” This heightened awareness directs me to look inside of myself for answers. I take responsibility for all of it and the interesting puzzle becomes a fascinating challenge when I decide to influence areas in my life in which I previously believed I was not in control. I now feel that I control it all.”
Now that is a spiritual concept and lesson I have adopted and it seems to work. It is a mindset that my soul will grab onto and rejoice for it is the recipe that has made me stronger as a human being.

So how do we develop the necessary character to make our circumstances instead of allowing our circumstances to make us? 
Emmet Fox tells us that “you can build any quality into your mentality by meditating upon that quality every day”. If you seem to be lacking in certain necessary qualities, if your character seems to lack strength, ask God to give you what you need. 
And I always remember the inspirational words of Les Brown’s; three steps to take during “hard times”: 

                   1) Have Faith (Faith is the substance of things hoped for…”)
                   2) Remind yourself: No matter how hard it is or how hard it gets, “I’m going to make it!”
                   3) Have patience and engage in consistent persistent action.
A wise teacher once said to me: “What you become, directly influences what you get. As you think, so are you.” The secret then to overcome overwhelming circumstances lies in making a decision to grow and embrace that negativity. Easier said than done, right?  Let me show you in my masterclass ABUNDANCE: Your Birthright, the steps how to attract that balance we all need to reduce stress and overwhelm. Register here:

Instead of searching far and wide focusing on the external elements, spend time every day searching inside. Instead of expecting something from outside to fill you up, learn to fill yourself from within. Make a commitment to practice in discovering who you are. Make a commitment to get in touch with the Universal Intelligence and Unlimited Potentiality that is in you. Make a commitment to accept and create harmony with the circumstance you face now. It is worth it and it is easier than you think. Let me show you how. 
Feel free to contact or book a free call with me. I can introduce you to a practical tool I developed and other techniques that can reverse overwhelm or emotional challenges you face now. You can also download my free Mantra E-book. I have your back and I am here for you. 

How Do You Want Your Life To Be?

How Do You Want Your Life To Be?
People in business know the importance of the basic marketing principles which are also referred to as the 4 P’s; Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. They are the cornerstones of building any kind of marketing strategy followed with a specific tactic or action plan.

However, in addition to these fundamental marketing principles, there exists another set of principles that demand equal consideration: Passion, Purpose, Potentiality, and Possibilities.
These elements operate on a different frequency, focusing more on company culture and motivational forces that are the undercurrents driving the marketing and overall aspects of the business. 

The 4 P's of marketing need to dance with the rhythm of your very essence. When that happens, a magical journey unfolds. It's more than just a strategy; it's a soulful tapestry weaving together Passion, Purpose, Potentiality, and Possibilities. As we delve deeper into this melodic harmony, the transformative power of these principles reveals a narrative that goes beyond the mundane.

Passion, the heartbeat of your existence and soul, resonates with the universe. It's the fire within that sparks innovation, fuels creativity, and connects you to something greater than yourself. Picture those moments when time stands still and you're lost in a pursuit that ignites your soul – that's the symphony of Passion at its crescendo.

From Passion blooms Purpose, the guiding star illuminating the "why" of your journey.  Imagine waking up each morning with a profound sense of purpose, knowing that every step aligns with the very essence of your being. It's a beacon that cuts through the fog of routine, infusing your actions with meaning that transcends the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Purpose, in turn, unfurls the wings of Potentiality, allowing you to soar into the person you're destined to become. It's a continuous journey of learning, of expanding your mind and embracing the vast tapestry of experiences that life offers. In the realm of Potentiality, you're not confined by limitations but propelled by the innate capacity to evolve.

In his book The Seven Spiritual Laws, Dr. Deepak Chopra describes true potentiality as “the Source of all creation, seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest. When we realize that our true Self is one of potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the Universe.”

As you embrace Passion, Purpose, and Potentiality, a kaleidoscope of Possibilities unfolds. It's a world where your inner vibrations harmonize with the universe, creating a magnetic pull that draws your desires toward you. This is the sweet spot where dreams materialize, and aspirations take tangible form.

Imagine a life where daily routines are not a chore but a harmonious dance with the universe. Others notice the change – a serene calmness, an infectious friendliness, and an ability to navigate storms with grace. This transformation isn't just personal; it radiates outward, influencing the world around you.

The ancient wisdom, "Ask and it shall be given unto you," finds a profound echo in this symphony. By aligning with universal and natural laws, both within and outside yourself, you become a co-creator of your reality. It's a dance where your intentions meet the universe's response, creating a symphony of fulfillment. The true and natural art of Alchemy and Manifestation.

As your guide and ally in this journey, I extend an invitation. Book a free consultation, and together, let's craft a strategy that transcends the ordinary. 

Your life is a canvas waiting for the strokes of Passion, Purpose, Potentiality, and Possibilities. Attend my masterclass Abundance: Your Birthright on January 23 and 24.

Let's paint a masterpiece together.

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