I recently read a powerful statement by James Allen. He wrote: We conceive, mentally build an ideal condition of Life.; the vision of a wider liberty and larger scope take possession; unrest urges us to action and we utilize all our spare time and means, small as they are, to the development of our latent powers and resources”. 
This statement has been confirmed and successfully proven by Dr. Victor Frankl, survivor of the worst concentration camps during WW2. While imprisoned, Frankl illustrates in his book “Man’s search for meaning”, how it is possible to be continually exposed to a negative environment of death and despair, yet still find ways of discovering meaning in this suffering.
During my talks to several groups I encourage people to have a “winning attitude and to get in their “Success Zone”. What exactly is that “success zone” as success is measured in many different ways as there are many different types of people? 

The outcome of success is based on some basic principles and concepts THAT TURN A DEFEAT INTO A VICTORY. We need courage to change, the willingness and desire to change, the right attitude to change, the right way of thinking to change.
Only a small percentage of the world population is not able to change. 

Some are forced to change due to a drastic or dramatic event in their lives. Most of us, though, we are able to change, but choose not do it.  We are afraid of the unknown. It is very scary! 

When asked to change; it is human nature to resist initially, until the value of “what’s in it for me” can be seen or perceived. Even then, within our western society, we want to have things handed to us on a silver platter. 

I have observed and experienced that, change is possible when there is a willingness and desire to change. Desire then, is the fuel of change.  Even in desperate situations, desire trumps fear and is the key motivator to change. How bad you want something is in direct proportion to the desire (or energy) you give it. 
These relationships between want and change can be cultivated to an outcome far beyond your expectations. 
 When a decision is made to change, transformation and events are happening towards the fulfillment of that decision.
Change starts with a mental and emotional frame work. It understands a mindset of opposites. Know that when we have a negative, there is a positive. When we have evil, there is also good. When there is a front - there is a back, a left versus a right, an up – a down. 

The law of opposites will help us redirect the challenge in the opposite direction, if we so desire. In case of apparent defeat the opposite is apparent victory, if we so desire. 
Like Dr. Frankl, he did not see himself in the worst concentration camp, but practicing medicine in Vienna and thus helping his fellow prisoners and even his guards. He was aware of his surroundings but chose a different reality. In his book, Quantum Healing, Dr. Deepak Chopra stated that “what you see, you become”. He says: The opposites are not an illusion, they are realities. It is a truth that shapes our whole physiology, including the brain”
We are able to create our own realities. Of course that takes practice, patience and a different way of thinking.
Real change then is to turn the negative reality upside down. The brain and thus our thinking processes and our emotional fine tuning are central and key in how we want to create such reality. 
And here is the secret to get you going. Create a picture or image in your mind and seeing how this negative situation reverses into a positive one. 
It can actually transform you on many levels. 
Our brain processes images and pictures. Words are translated into images, which then will be related to our nervous system at a specific vibrational (emotional) frequency. 
Therefore, by seeing the positive outcome as if it already happens, we turn the opposite, from a negative into a positive. 

Amazingly, our body, behavior and environments are also affected positively. We see the changes around us. Above all, it appears that what we focus on is what we attract.
Have a winning approach to change. Create a new exciting reality. I encourage you to make a list of all the things you believe you want to change in your life and start working on them now. 

Explore your full potential, attract abundant opportunities and see all possibilities unfold.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog. I read Man's Search for Meaning twice and thought a lot about it when I visited a concentration camp many years ago. It is so amazing how thinking positively can change so much in your life. and perceptions of reality. I am enjoying making changes in my life. It is the right time!

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