Barbra Dean
Chef | Entrepreneur | Technical Writer

"Recently, I studied an entrepreneurship program at Algonquin College, where a professor introduced me to Roy, who is a business coach. Roy has positively influenced my career path for the past two years. I highly recommend working with Roy and can confidently attest to the exceptional empathetic qualities provided. 

Roy is a spiritual, patient person who demonstrated leadership skills by encouraging me to remain ambitious when faced with adversity, motivated me in my wisdom, and helped me create a plan to navigate the financial issues currently in my way. Roy understands passion and remains empathetic to support those surrounded by anxiety and frustration. Roy genuinely understood the challenges I faced and helped me successfully find a position that utilized all my skills and compensated me appropriately, all on my own. Working with Roy was a sincere pleasure, and I would recommend this business coach."

Ghassan Zahran 
CEO, Tawakul Youth Academy

"A fatherly coach. Roy is an outstanding coach with decades of experience in business and building relationships. He quickly recognizes your abilities and where you need to improve, and then he focuses on the areas you know you are lacking. Shortly, you notice an increased level of confidence and a reduction of anxiety. He is highly supportive and immediately becomes a part of your team; even when you are not in a session, he thinks about you and how to improve. 

To describe Roy as a coach is unfair to him because he brings so much more into the relationship and becomes personally invested in your success."

Isabel Anne McRae 
General Manager, No Place Like Home

"I met Roy through applying for a government funded entrepreneurial course for those aspiring to start a business. 
I had retired from working as a Recreational Therapist and Volunteer Coordinator at the hospital and was not sure 
what I was going to do. I found Roy's course extremely interesting and was able to develop a business plan of which I use to this day. I found his style of coaching and engagement very refreshing and we had lots of laughs along the way. He used a different approach to each one of his students and was always trying to get the best out of them. 

After I finished the course, I stayed in contact with Roy and he has become a best friend, mentor and cheerleader. I feel I can disclose my deepest concerns and always know they are safe with him. He is not one to tell you the answer, but help you find the answer. He is very inspirational and uplifting and I would highly recommend him."

Crystal Sissons
Senior Business Analyst, Federal Government

"Roy actively listens to those he mentors and provides constructive feedback. He is a mentor in the best possible sense in that he is along for the journey as a co-pilot, and willing to learn on the way."

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